Energy Can Escape Through Your Attic

Energy Can Escape Through Your Attic

Attic insulation is essential in Kenner & River Ridge, LA

No one wants high energy bills and uncomfortable rooms. That's why you need the proper home insulation. Eco Blanket, LLC performs attic insulation installations in Kenner & River Ridge, LA.

While many homeowners request our fiberglass blown-in insulation, we also work with cellulose materials. This is a more natural alternative that provides the same great results. Either way, our jobs typically take less than two hours.

Your attic insulation project is a piece of cake when you work with us. Hire our team in Kenner & River Ridge, LA today.

3 signs that you need new insulation

Do you need a new attic insulation installation? It can be difficult to tell if you don't know what to look for. You should contact our contractor if:

  1. You have unusually high energy bills year-round
  2. You can't get your home cool enough in the summer
  3. Your home won't stay warm enough during the winter

It's time to find out if your home has an insulation problem. Ask an attic insulation expert now by calling 504-305-5400.